2014-07-29 - Geronimo Head Recon   34 Photos   Jul 29, 2014
4 hour 2.5 mile 1,427' AEG recon hike in preparation for a future climb of Geronimo Head. If I had climbed the last 75' to the ridge I would have continued to the summit, but there was way too much bee activity where I had to go so I turned back. Another hot and humid hike, topping out at 104 degrees.
2014-07-26 - 235 Road Trail   25 Photos   Jul 26, 2014
A 4 hour 8.8 mile 780' AEG hike along 235 Road Trail on the flat 'peninsula' dividing Woods Canyon from Willow Springs Canyon on the Mogollon Rim. With the temperature back in Phoenix reaching 105, we relished only reaching a high of 89 on our hike.
2014-07-16 - Rim Trail Loop - Sierra Ancha   85 Photos   Jul 16, 2014
A 5-1/2 hour 8.8 mile 1,772' AEG hike in the Aztec Peak area along Trails #160, 139 & 140 and Forest Road 487.
2014-07-12 - McFadden Horse Mountain - Sierra Ancha   26 Photos   Jul 12, 2014
A 5 hour 8.3 mile 2,516' AEG hike up McFadden Horse Mountain and along the ridge to the Elephant Rock ruin site.
2014-07-10 - Peak 2545 Summit Hike   107 Photos   Jul 10, 2014
A 3-1/2 hour 3.7 mile 1,158' AEG hike to the summit of Peak 2545. In search of a large cave, I descended a drainage toward the Salt River until stopped by slick-rock slots. Next I ascended Peak 2545 via the western slope, crossed the summit then looped back along FR1827. The only drama today was being stung twice by the same hornet.
2014-07-07 - Lower First Water Creek   56 Photos   Jul 7, 2014
A 70 minute 2.5 mile 656' AEG exploration hike along Lower First Water Creek. Another high humidity day so I kept it short, completing it before the temperature reached 100°. Although throughly drenched in sweat like the hike three days ago, I only lost 2.5 pounds today.
2014-07-04 - The Point Overlook - Canyon Lake   37 Photos   Jul 4, 2014
A 2 hour 45 minute 2.6 mile 1,168' AEG hike to a nice overlook on 'The Point' Recreation Area across Canyon Lake. Although an abbreviated hike the high humidity made it absolutely brutal. Less than halfway I was soaked from head to toe in sweat, losing over 4 pounds despite drinking a half gallon of fluids.
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