2014-04-26 - Hackberry Mines Hike   36 Photos   Apr 26, 2014
A 2-1/2 hour 4 mile 1,600' AEG hike to two horizontal mines on the western slope of Hackberry Mesa in the Superstition Wilderness. Since I shot photos and video on the lower mine last week I only went into the upper mine this trip.
2014-04-24 - JF/Hoolie Bacon/Peters Trail Loop   49 Photos   Apr 24, 2014
A 6-1/2 hour 8.5 mile 2,720' AEG loop hike from the Tortilla Trailhead. Our route was JF Trail, Hoolie Bacon Trail to Horse Camp (with a side-trip to bag Peak 4143) to Peters Trail and back to the trailhead.
2014-04-19 Peak 4879 hike   25 Photos   Apr 19, 2014
A 3 hour 3.6 mile 1,080' AEG hike up Peak 4879, south to the cattle tank and back along the rim.
2014-04-18 - Hackberry Mesa hike   27 Photos   Apr 18, 2014
A 4 hour 6 mile 1,847' AEG figure-eight loop hike to Hackberry Mesa. The hike was to locate a mountain lion den I believed was on the western slope of Hackberry Mesa. On the way to locating two dens with mountain lion scat and a second horizontal mine I encountered three rattlesnakes, a gray fox and a mad swarm of bees!
2014-04-15 - Hackberry Spring & Mine hike   24 Photos   Apr 15, 2014
A 4-hour 5-mile 1,164' AEG loop hike on Hackberry Spring Trail with a side trip to an old mine. Highlights of the hike included encounters with scorpions, a desert tortoise, a gila monster and several bats.
2014-04-05 - Arizona Trail Water Caches   15 Photos   Apr 5, 2014
We spent a full day dropping off 12-gallon water caches at three points along the Arizona Trail on Passage #16 & 17. As rough as the non-paved 'roads' we traveled were, it took well over 5 hours to cover 51 miles (<10 mph average), accumulating 9,500' of elevation gain. The highlight (low-light?) was running over a Gila Monster by mistake. Thankfully it survived with just a dusty tire-print on its back.
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