2012-08-17 - Mesa Verde National Park   48 Photos   Aug 17, 2012
Not content to just wander about with the masses at Spruce Tree House we decided to take a hike on the Petroglyph Point Trail.
2012-08-17 - Silverton - Animas Forks Area   10 Photos   Aug 17, 2012
Just time for a short drive from Silverton to Animas Forks before heading off for Mesa Verde.
2012-08-16 - Blaine Basin hike video   37.2 MB   Aug 16, 2012
4-minute video from our hike to Blaine Basin including a side-trip to the waterfalls on Wilson Creek.
2012-08-16 - Upper Blaine Basin   17 Photos   Aug 16, 2012
While Tracey took time for a nap I took on what turned out to be a 1200' climb to the saddle below Mount Sneffels, hoping to get a view of Lower Blue Lake. Unfortunately there was another higher ridge another .5 mile away that I was not prepared to take on so I turned back.
2012-08-16 - Blaine Basin Trail   75 Photos   Aug 16, 2012
We began by following an off-trail GPS track from the East Fork of Dallas Creek until connecting to the Dallas Trail. From there we continued to Blaine Basin where Tracey took a break while I set off on another 1200' climb to a saddle below Mount Sneffels. (See separate photo set)
2012-08-15 - Bridal Veil Falls   9 Photos   Aug 15, 2012
Just a short drive up Black Bear Road to Bridal Veil Falls.
2012-08-15 - Imogene Pass Road   50 Photos   Aug 15, 2012
Next on the list after our hike up to Blue Lakes Pass was the drive over Imogene Pass and down to Telluride.
2012-08-15 - Blue Lakes Pass   52 Photos   Aug 15, 2012
Photos taken on our hike from Mount Sneffels trailhead up to Blue Lakes Pass, down the other side a few hundred feet and back.
2012-08-15 - Yankee Boy Basin Road   34 Photos   Aug 15, 2012
Photos taken on the drive to the Mount Sneffels trail head in Yankee Boy Basin.
2012-08-15 - Camp Bird Road   17 Photos   Aug 15, 2012
Photos taken on the drive from Ouray to Camp Bird, which once was the second largest gold mine in the US.
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