2013-10-19 - Honda Fit four-wheeling video   50.3 MB   Oct 19, 2013
90 second video driving a Honda Fit on Cigarette Springs Road in the Cedar Mesa area of Utah. Note: The camera was hand-held inside the vehicle so the video is very jerky.
2013-10-18 - Squaw Canyon video   66.3 MB   Oct 18, 2013
2 minute video including two separate panoramas along Squaw Canyon Trail. The first was from near the south end of Squaw Canyon and the second was just over a mile from the trail head.
2013-10-17 - Devils Garden video   42.1 MB   Oct 17, 2013
1 minute 15 second video of the Devils Garden area in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah.
2013-10-16 - Raven video   25.1 MB   Oct 16, 2013
45 second video of a raven that boldly approached us on our return hike from Druid Arch along the Elephant Canyon Trail.
2013-10-16 - Druid Arch video   36.4 MB   Oct 16, 2013
63 second video pan from high up the canyon wall just east of Druid Arch.
2013-10-16 - Slot Canyon video   46.4 MB   Oct 16, 2013
1 minute 25 second video of passing through a very narrow slot along the Elephant Canyon Trail to Druid Arch in the Needles area of Canyonlands National Park in Utah.
NOTE: For best viewing tilt your head 90° to the right <or> tilt your screen 90° to the left.
2013-10-16 - Elephant Canyon Trail video   33.4 MB   Oct 16, 2013
1 minute video from the Elephant Canyon Trail an hour into our hike to Druid Arch.
2013-10-14 - Indian Creek climber video   49.5 MB   Oct 14, 2013
90 second video of a climber installing anchors halfway up a 200 foot sheer rock wall in the Indian Creek Recreation Area along Utah Route 211 near Canyonlands National Park.
2013-10-14 - Canyonlands Confluence Trail video   22.1 MB   Oct 14, 2013
40 second video from the canyon below the trailhead of the trail to the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers in the Needles area of Canyonlands National Park in Utah.
2013-05-20 - Moki Dugway video   234.4 MB   May 20, 2013
7 minute video of the 3 mile drive 1100 feet down the unpaved Moki Dugway highway. (Utah State Route 261)
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