2012-02-29 - Rock Climb video   23.3 MB   Feb 29, 2012
3-minute composite video (inside and outside view) of 'My Sammy' playing on the rocks.
2012-02-29 - Forest Road 342 video   60.5 MB   Feb 29, 2012
An 8-minute video of the steep and rough 'Public Access to Forest Road 342' bypass.
2012-02-26 - Reavis Falls video   22.7 MB   Feb 26, 2012
2-1/2 minute video of Reavis Falls in the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona.
2012-02-26 - Reavis Falls   57 Photos   Feb 26, 2012
At almost 14 miles and 3340' of accumulated elevation this hike was a real challenge. Not much water at the falls, but it was flowing.
The long, steep ascent back provided plenty in the way of physical effort. Thankfully just enough large juniper trees gave us shade when we stopped to catch our breath. But once up and over the highest point the last 3 miles mostly downhill were a breeze. Overall, a great day for hiking with some great scenery!
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2012-02-22 - Edwards Peak   95 Photos   Feb 22, 2012
What started out as a short exploration of the El Oso Mine along FR463 turned out to be a drive all the way out to Edwards Park on FR422. Not content to just turn around and drive back I took on a wide loop hike traversing a number of ridges and peaks, culminating with a climb to the summit of Edwards Peak.
[Click the 'Google Maps' link just below to locate the photos for this hike.]
2012-02-22 - My Sammy on FR 463 video   61.0 MB   Feb 22, 2012
Taking my Samurai on a drive through the roughest part of Forest Road 463 in Gila County, Arizona.
2012-02-22- El Oso Mine video   57.4 MB   Feb 22, 2012
Exploring the El Oso Mine with a 7-minute video. The longest run in was about 330'
2012-02-19 - Columbia & Silver Bell tour.   21 Photos   Feb 20, 2012
We returned for a repeat visit to explore the Columbia Mine as well as travel deeper into the Silver Bell Mine than I did just a month ago. No photos in the mine this time but the both mine exploration videos are posted here as well. Check them out!
[Click the 'Google Maps' link just below to locate the photos for this hike.]
2012-02-19 - Silver Bell Mine video   61.6 MB   Feb 19, 2012
Adding to the Silver Bell Mine exploration I started a month ago with an 8 minute video. We continued past the dead javelina and found numerous offshoots, vertical shafts going up as well as down. By time we turned around our total distance traveled in the mine was an estimated 700+ feet.
2012-02-19 - Columbia Mine video   105.0 MB   Feb 19, 2012
Exploring the Columbia Mine with a 13 minute video. By taking numerous off-shoots we soon lost track of how far we traveled far into the mountain. So we paced the longest straight tunnel on the way out and the estimated length was about 600 feet.
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