2012-07-28 - Road to Rawhide Canyon video   334.3 MB   Jul 28, 2012
35-minute video of the drive on an old BLM road from Mineral Creek to Rawhide Canyon in Pinal County, AZ.
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2012-07-28 - Mineral Creek video   59.9 MB   Jul 28, 2012
6-minute 15-second video of scenes along Mineral Creek just west of the Dripping Springs Mountains in Pinal County, Arizona.
2012-07-28 - Forest Road 2 video   421.1 MB   Jul 28, 2012
44-minute video driving the full length of Forest Road 2 to the Dripping Springs Mountains near Mineral Creek.
2012-07-28 - Mineral Creek hike   59 Photos   Jul 28, 2012
Planned as a short recon preparing for a future full-length hike, I spent the morning scouting access roads in the area. But once I reached flowing water, even with the oppressive humidity I was excited enough to keep going, turning back only when rain clouds moved in.
2012-07-28 - Old Road west of Mineral Creek   14 Photos   Jul 28, 2012
I drove a short distance past the Mineral Creek 'trail head' to scout out my 4x4 route back home through Rawhide Canyon before returning to Mineral Creek for my hike.
2012-07-27 - Pass Mountain Trail - Usery Park   13 Photos   Jul 27, 2012
It's been so long since we did this hike everything had a fresh look to it. Of course the monsoon rains helped green up the vegetation.
2012-07-25 - Scott Mountain-Hot Tamale Loop   35 Photos   Jul 25, 2012
From Drippings Springs Road I followed an old mining road up and around the west side of Scott Mountain, past Hot Tamale Peak and looped back to Dripping Springs Road.
2012-07-25 - Hot Tamale Peak summit video   19.1 MB   Jul 25, 2012
2-minute 360-degree panorama video from the summit of Hot Tamale Peak in the Drippings Springs Mountains of Arizona.
2012-07-25 - Peak 4470 & Hot Tamale Peak summits   29 Photos   Jul 25, 2012
After climbing Scott Mountain I hit up Peak 4470 next and finished up the day with a climb up Hot Tamale Peak, all three in the Dripping Springs Mountains of Arizona.
2012-07-25 - Scott Mountain summit video   19.6 MB   Jul 25, 2012
2-minute 360-degree panorama video from the summit of Scott Moutain in the Dripping Springs Mountains of Arizona.
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