2015-09-11 - Workman Creek Ruins Hike   42 Photos   Sep 11, 2015
A 1 hour 50 minute 2 mile 1,503' AEG hike to the Ancient Native American Ruins above Workman Creek in the Sierra Ancha. Dating of wood found at this site (Arizona State Museum Site V:1:133), indicates it was built between 1292 and 1320 AD.
2015-05-29 - Houdon Mountain summit hike   25 Photos   May 29, 2015
A half-hour 3/4 mile 207' AEG hike from Forest Road 938 to Houdon Mountain in the Sheep Basin Mountain Quadrangle. On the return drive along Forest Road 938 we noticed what looked to be an Ancient Native American ruin site. Tracey was able to find a few pottery shards.
2015-05-29 - Fred Pranty Cabin & Gun Creek   54 Photos   May 29, 2015
A 2 hour 46 minute 3.8 mile 1,293' AEG round-trip hike past the Fred Pranty Cabin to Gun Creek.
2014-05-15 - Comb Wash Ruins   33 Photos   May 15, 2014
Utah Trip Hike #7. A 1 hour 1.4 mile 200' AEG hike to a small Anasazi ruin under a large rock overhang in a flat area of Comb Wash.
Utah Trip Hike #8. A 1 hour 1.8 mile 370' AEG hike to a single-room Anasazi ruin in a rocky area of Comb Wash.
2014-05-14 - The Comb - Hidden Ruins   90 Photos   May 14, 2014
Utah Trip Hike #6. A 3-1/2 hour 5 mile 1,270' AEG loop hike. We planned a short hike to an Anasazi cave dwelling and possibly view the Eagle's Nest from above. But once that far we headed north until facing a cliff, where we turned eastward to exit the canyon, passing the Hidden Ruins along the way. A 40' pour-off forced us to either turn back or ascend a very steep wall. It wasn't easy but we chose the wall.
2014-05-14 - The Comb - Procession Panel   48 Photos   May 14, 2014
Utah Trip Hike #5. A 3 hour 4.3 mile 1,230' AEG hike to the summit of Peak 5340, passing the 'Procession Panel' petroglyphs along the way.
2014-05-13 - The Comb - Overlook Ruin Site   49 Photos   May 13, 2014
Utah Trip Hike #4. A 3 hour 5.6 mile 900' AEG round-trip hike to an overlook at the western edge of The Comb where we will visit a cliff-side Anasazi ruin site. On our return trip we will re-visit the Split-Level dwellings we were at last year.
2014-05-13 - The Comb - Fishmouth   50 Photos   May 13, 2014
Utah Trip Hike #3. A 2 hour 3.5 mile 700' AEG roundtrip hike to visit Anasazi ruin sites near Fishmouth Cave in The Comb.
2014-05-12 - The Comb - Cold Spring Cave   50 Photos   May 12, 2014
Utah Trip Hike #1. A 3 hour 5 mile 2,600' AEG loop hike westward up Cold Spring Canyon and returning the next canyon to the north. Along the way we will visit the Anasazi ruins in Cold spring Cave as well as climb up 120' for a better view of 'The Eagle's Nest' cliff dwelling some 300' above the canyon floor.
2401-05-03 - Cooper Forks Cliff Dwellings   55 Photos   May 3, 2014
A 6 hour 6 mile 2,250' AEG hike to visit both the cliff dwellings and the hilltop 'observation' ruin site at Cooper Forks. In retrospect, we made the trip more difficult with several exploratory side trips.
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