2015-03-28 - Lucky Strike Mine Trail   46 Photos   Mar 28, 2015
A 5 hour 16 minute 8.4 mile 2,480' AEG hike on the Lucky Strike Trails with stops at a number of mines including the Pueblo and Lucky Strike mines in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness.
2013-11-28 - Horizontal Mineshaft   61.1 MB   Nov 28, 2013
1 minute 50 second video exploration of an old hundred-yard deep horizontal mineshaft with a fifty-foot side passage.
2013-05-05 - Horizontal Mine video   128.9 MB   May 5, 2013
4-minute exploration of an old horizontal mineshaft a hundred yards into a mountain complete with rails and a bat.
2012-02-22- El Oso Mine video   57.4 MB   Feb 22, 2012
Exploring the El Oso Mine with a 7-minute video. The longest run in was about 330'
2012-02-19 - Silver Bell Mine video   61.6 MB   Feb 19, 2012
Adding to the Silver Bell Mine exploration I started a month ago with an 8 minute video. We continued past the dead javelina and found numerous offshoots, vertical shafts going up as well as down. By time we turned around our total distance traveled in the mine was an estimated 700+ feet.
2012-02-19 - Columbia Mine video   105.0 MB   Feb 19, 2012
Exploring the Columbia Mine with a 13 minute video. By taking numerous off-shoots we soon lost track of how far we traveled far into the mountain. So we paced the longest straight tunnel on the way out and the estimated length was about 600 feet.
2012-01-13 - Silver Bell Mine video   90.9 MB   Jan 13, 2012
Exploring the inner sanctum of the Silver Bell Mine, reaching almost 500' into the mountain. This 9.5 minute video has a surprise at the farthest point I traveled into the deepest shaft of the mine.
The Silver Bell Mine produced lead, silver, copper, gold, zinc, baryte and flourspar from 1880 to 1971.
2012-01-10 - Horizontal mine shaft video   37.1 MB   Jan 10, 2012
5 minute 45 second video of a 450' horizontal mine shaft located in the Mineral Mountain Quadrangle of Pinal County Arizona.
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