2018-06-26 - Apache Trail Wandering   13 Photos   Jun 26, 2018
A 2 hour 3 mile 814' AEG hike along Apache Trail. I began in the center of a planned figure-eight loop but at the halfway point I stopped for a cold drink and the cooler lid dropped down, punching a hole through the skin on the top of my head. Instantly blood was gushing down my face and before I could grab an ice-cold washcloth to stem the tide the front of my shirt was drenched in blood. Needless to say that was the end of the hike.
2018-06-20 - Honey Creek to Creekside   24 Photos   Jun 20, 2018
A 4 hour 6.6 mile 1417' AEG round trip hike on FR 3224 & 3224A from Honey Creek Campground to the Creekside Day-Use site on Workman Creek, passing an old uranium mine along the way.
2018-06-19 - Honey Creek to Reynolds TH   32 Photos   Jun 19, 2018
A 5 hour 10 mile 1736' AEG roundtrip hike from Honey Creek Campground to the Reynolds Trail 150 trailhead along Forest Road 3224 & 3222.
2018-06-16 - Illegal BMX Routes   21 Photos   Jun 16, 2018
Documenting just a small portion of unauthorized BMX routes.
2018-06-12 - Usery Mountain Loop   14 Photos   Jun 12, 2018
A 2 hour 4.2 mile 1388' AEG hike to the summit of Peak 2933 in the Usery Mountains, during which the temperature would reach 103°.
2018-06-09 - Armer Mountain Summit   22 Photos   Jun 9, 2018
A 5 hour 7.2 mile 2016' AEG hike to the summit of Armer Mountain in the Armer Mountain Quadrangle in the Sierra Ancha, including a few side-trips, one to visit a memorial plaque for the passengers and crew who perished when their C-47 crashed into the mountain on December 30, 1951.
2018-06-08 - Peak 2311 Loop   11 Photos   Jun 8, 2018
A short but steep loop hike passing over the summit of Peak 2311.
2018-06-05 - Salt River Mountains   98 Photos   Jun 5, 2018
My previous hike out this way didn't turn out too well and I cut it short, so now, a week later I returned better prepared, with a better plan and a much closer start point.
The hike was another 5 hour hike, this time a 7.4 mile 1,696' AEG loop in the Salt River Canyon Wilderness.
2018-05-31 & 06-01 - Aztec Peak Hikes   45 Photos   May 31, 2018
Photos from hikes over our 2-day, May 31/June 1, Thursday/Friday 'weekend' on and around Aztec Peak in the Sierra Ancha.
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