2015-08-29 - Milk Ranch Road   24 Photos   Aug 29, 2015
Two hikes on and around Milk Ranch Road for a total of 4 hours 9.5 miles and 1,382' AEG. A beautiful day for a hike up on the Mogollon Rim and we were rewarded with a number of great views from the Mogollon Rim.
2015-08-12 - King's Blockhouse & Rhodes Memorial   45 Photos   Aug 12, 2015
A 90 minute 2.5 mile 900' AEG round-trip hike to the King's Blockhouse followed by a stroll through the Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town, South Africa. The King's Blockhouse was built in 1796 as part of building up defenses should France attempt to take the Cape.
2015-08-12 - Cape of Good Hope Figure Eight Tour   57 Photos   Aug 12, 2015
We set off hoping for a day of hiking including an ascent of Chapman's Peak but due to hazards in the aftermath of the massive March 2015 fires along the Cape the hiking trails were closed. Instead we began with the scenic Chapman's Peak Drive and ultimately completed a figure-eight loop drive along the Cape, returning on Old Cape Road.
2015-08-11 - Blackwood Cabin - Hout Bay, South Africa   30 Photos   Aug 11, 2015
Photos taken in and around the Blackwood Cabin where we stayed on Blackwood Close in Hout Bay.
2015-08-11 - Newlands Ravine   58 Photos   Aug 11, 2015
A 4-1/2 hour 5 mile 2500' AEG round-trip hike up Newlands Ravine to Pulpit Rock on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.
2015-08-10 - Table Mountain Atlantic Sunset   24 Photos   Aug 10, 2015
We took a drive along Victoria Road to catch the Atlantic Ocean sunset as well as the resulting oranges lighting up the Twelve Apostles on Table Mountain.
2015-08-10 - Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden   70 Photos   Aug 10, 2015
Although one would need to spend a whole day to fully appreciate the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, we would have but two hours. So we packed as much as we could in that short time.
2015-08-10 - Cable Car Station Contour Trail   46 Photos   Aug 10, 2015
Cable car up and hike down was out due to high winds so we figured we'd hike both ways. When the shortest route proved too steep and treacherous for my ailing ankle we opted to take the Contour Trail to the popular Platteklip Gorge route. But at Platteklip the trail was clogged with hikers. When we looked up a saw maybe 50 hikers in blue shirts beginning the descent we decided to descend to Taffelberg Road and take it back.
2015-08-09 - Nursery Ravine Trail   66 Photos   Aug 9, 2015
Part 3 of a 6 hour, 12 mile, 2,612' AEG hike on Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa.
On this part we will hike eastward across Table Mountain, descend on the Nursery Ravine Trail and finally returning along the Contour Trail.
2015-08-09 - Construction Museum - Table Mountain   30 Photos   Aug 9, 2015
Part 2 of a 6 hour, 12 mile, 2,612' AEG hike on Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa.
This part of the hike will be a tour the construction museum on Table Mountain.
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