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What can we do while driving to make the world a better place?

While it's easy to choose the ones that fit you best, who said life was easy?... So let's do our best and try to follow the all the steps below:
* SLOW DOWN!! Leave a few minutes early and we will not only arrive safely, but in a better mood.  Our friends, family, coworkers and even our customers will notice the difference.
* Obey the speed limit! Don't fall into the trap of "perceived peer pressure".  Just because someone else passes us doesn't mean we're being challenged to a duel.  Would we jump off a cliff because someone else does?  Of course not... so why the need to copy others when they do stupid things on the road?  Let them get the ticket or cause the accident while we drive sensibly and arrive safely.
* Use our turn signals! This is a simple courtesy... sure we may know where we are going to turn, but we should let others know so they are not taken unaware.  Signal at least 100 feet before a turn, or signal 4 seconds before changing lanes... It's the law!
* Don't weave through traffic! If we are, we are going faster than what is safe based on current traffic conditions.  And in may cases we just end up behind cars we passed after stopping for a few red lights. Further, we are communicating to others we feel we are more important than they are, which simply escalates the problem.  Don't BE the problem, be the solution.  Sure we pay taxes to support the roads, but we do not OWN them!
* Move over for faster traffic! No matter what their speed is, it is NOT OUR JOB to enforce the speed of others (plus we shouldn't be hypocrites... we're probably driving over the limit ourselves), so don't be the cause for others to weave through traffic.
* Get off the phone! If the call isn't life or death, don't make or take it.  If it IS a life or death situation, then pull over to the side so we don't put even more lives in danger.  And no, it has nothing to do with holding the phone in our hand (after all, many are eating, drinking, putting on makeup, shaving, etc), it's about our mind not being on the task at hand, safe driving.  So let's shut the phone off when driving and we will reduce the stress level in our lives.
* ABSOLUTELY NO TEXTING! Not only is it against the law, it is extremely dangerous for you AND everyone else on the road. And again, it's about our mind not being on the task at hand, safe driving.
* Be observant of our surroundings. Stay awake, know where other cars are around us, watch for motorcycles and pedestrians.  If we are going to make a turn (especially a left turn at a stoplight) make sure there is no pedestrian in the crosswalk BEFORE we start our turn in front of oncoming traffic.
* Bottom line... there are WAY TOO MANY auto accidents EVERY DAY not only in the Phoenix area but everywhere... enough so that I daresay they are not accidents at all, but simply carelessness... we are so wrapped up in OUR life we no longer respect the lives of others.  And in a situation when both parties are careless enough, we have a wreck as it's so aptly put in the deep south.