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What can you do on the job to make the world a better place?

While it's easy to choose the ones that fit you best, who said life was easy?... So let's do our best and try to follow the all the steps below:
* Treat everyone as we wish to be treated. Whatever we do, it is important to imagine ourself in the place of the people we serve, then act as we would expect someone to act toward us.
* Put 100% effort into our work. People will notice and respond favorably to us, plus when it comes time, there is a much better chance we will gain a raise or promotion.
* Smile! It is contagious, will make everyone else feel better, which in turn will make us feel better.
* Speed up! Be aware of how we are performing. We know if we are doing our best.  If we aren't, it's usually because our physical or mental state is not the best.  Take a moment to think of what the problem is and the steps we can do to make it better.  Then do it.
* Slow down! Yes, there are times when slowing down is more appropriate.  If we are dealing with an irate customer or are having an issue with a coworker, stop, take a deep breath, then proceed first by listening.  Be sure we understand what the issue is before attempting to remedy it.  State what we understand is the issue and confirm it with the customer or coworker.  Ask them what they feel should be done to remedy the situation.  If it is fair, do it with a smile.  If not, attempt to negotiate a solution acceptable to both parties.
* Don't promise what you can't deliver! Customers may not be as happy as we would like if we tell them we can't do something. However, if we promise something and don't follow through, we lose all credibility and may lose more business than just that one customer... unhappy customers are much more likely to tell others of their experience than happy customers.
* Keep to high ethical and moral standards. Bending the rules to gain "one more customer" will eventually backfire.  Don't make false assumptions to justify bending the rules.
* Laugh often! Again it is contagious and releases endorphins making everyone feel better.

* Simple truths of serving...
It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing.
It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.