2018-09-07 - Barnes Peak Plus   27 Photos   Sep 7, 2018
Two off-trail hikes for a total of 3.5 hours 5.2 miles and 1674' AEG. The first was in the vicinity of Barnes Peak in the Inspiration Quadrangle and the second was near Indian Spring, in the Salt River Peak Quadrangle, just off Forest Road 225.
2018-09-01 - Peak 4540 summit hike   21 Photos   Sep 1, 2018
A 3.5 hour 5.5 mile 1388' AEG hike to the summit of Peak 4540 in the Hot Tamale Quadrangle.
2018-08-31 - Bulldog Wandering   10 Photos   Aug 31, 2018
A 3-hour wandering hike in the Bulldog Off-Highway Recreation Area.
2018-08-28 - Bulldog Peak 2180   30 Photos   Aug 28, 2018
A return ascent 4+ years after my one-and-only previous ascent, only this time I took the much steeper northern approach. As on the previous trip I encountered a mule deer, but the same as before, wasn't fast enough to get a photo.
2018-08-27 - Superstitions Wandering   38 Photos   Aug 27, 2018
An aimless wandering hike from the Horse Staging/Hackberry Spring trailhead, following a ridge just south of First Water Road then looping back along long-unused old roads.
2018-08-26 - Massacre Grounds Wandering   28 Photos   Aug 26, 2018
An aimless wandering hike from the Jacob's Crosscut/Massacre Grounds trailhead.
2018-08-22 - Hackberry Spring Loop   21 Photos   Aug 22, 2018
We hoped to encounter running water after the recent rains but we were disappointed.
2018-08-07 - Peak 5732 Abort   20 Photos   Aug 7, 2018
I began by following the return route from my Webster Mountain ascent five years ago, but with no recent evidence of cattle grazing it was one long thrash through a lot of thick brush. The super-high humidity was enough that over half my water was gone before going 1/4 the way so I decided to turn back.
2018-08-01 - Peak 4887 summit hike   36 Photos   Aug 1, 2018
Two hikes for a total of 2.4 miles and 430' AEG. The first was a short hike to the Vigor of Life Spring followed by a hike to the summit of Peak 4887 in the Inspiration Quadrangle.
2018-07-18 - Amethyst Trail   21 Photos   Jul 18, 2018
A 4 hour 7.1 mile 2,111' AEG out-and-back hike to the Amethyst Mine gate along the Browns and Amethyst Trails just below Four Peaks.
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