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What can we do at home to make the world a better place?

While it's easy to choose the ones that fit us best, who said life was easy?  So let's do our best and try to follow the all the steps below:
* Treat everyone as you wish to be treated... It goes almost without saying, this rule works on the road, on the job, at home, everywhere!  Yes, many times we forget this simple rule, and many times it seems like too much work but the benefits are enormous.  Start and end the day following this rule.
* Don't hog the bathroom! Be as efficient with our time as possible and we will preserve family harmony.  Oh yes, guys and gals alike, follow the most important rule when it comes to shared space, CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!
* Don't tramp around like an elephant. Apartment dwellers on upper floors especially take note!!  Don't make unnecessary noise in respect for those who don't need to be awake yet. (This goes for late hours as well.)
* When through with a meal, clean up after yourself. Again, the shared space rule.  Only leave things out that others following us will be using.
* Leave early enough so you aren't in a hurry. This will begin your day with less stress and therefore you will have less stress when you return home after work.
* After work, don't barge in while in a bad mood. If we've have had a "less-than-the best" day, when we get home, take a minute to take a deep breath, look around and notice all the things we have to be thankful for, thank God for all of it, smile, then walk in the door.  Be positive and thankful for family members and tell them so.  Notice, I didn't say "having a bad day".  There is no such thing... bad is what we make it.  If we continue to look for the positive, there is still plenty to be thankful for and this means the day isn't bad.