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What can we do in our business to make the world a better place?

While it's easy to choose the ones that fit us best, who said life was easy?... So let's do our best and try to follow the all the steps below:
* Treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Whatever our business, it is important to imagine ourself in the place of the people we serve, then act as we would expect someone to act toward us.
* Smile! It is contagious, will make everyone else feel better, which in turn will make us feel better.
* Laugh often! Again it is contagious and releases endorphins making everyone feel better.
* Don't promise what we can't deliver! Customers may not be as happy as we would like if we tell them we can't do something. However, if we promise something and don't follow through, we lose all credibility and may lose more business than just that one customer... unhappy customers are much more likely to tell others of their experience than happy customers.
* Keep to high ethical and moral standards. Bending the rules to gain "one more customer" will eventually backfire.  Don't make false assumptions to justify bending the rules.  If they say they can afford a specific payment, don't push them into $50 more.  Sure, they'll probably go for it anyway because they have stars in their eyes for the "new car", but a few months down the road when the payment is tough to meet, they aren't going to blame themselves as much as the "guy that screwed them."  Don't BE that guy that just cares about a buck instead gaining a customer and maybe even a friend for life.  The only salespeople in the same business and the same company for any length of time are the ones who TRULY CARE!  Why is it that when a customer asks how long the salesperson has worked at their dealership it's more often than not less than a year?  They saw stars in their eyes?  Thinking they were going to "make the big bucks"?  But failed to care about a person more than a minute after the sale?
* Don't pressure a customer to make a sale "TODAY!" Yes, I do realize sales must be made to stay in business, but how we get the sale may have more effect than we think on how successful our business is.  If we provide enough compelling information about the value of your product or service without the hard sell, while we may not get the sale today, most likely we will eventually get the sale with the bonus of a loyal customer.  If we pressure them they may never buy from us again, or worse, tell others of our tactics.
* Be positive! Do our best to serve our customers in the most positive manner, then it is easier for us and our employees to believe we ARE the best.  When that happens, the sky is the limit!
* Do you more ideas to include?  Feel free to email them to me by clicking the link below...